~12 surprising signs of Gluten Sensitivity~ It's way more than tummy trouble

1) Depression and Anxiety


3) Brain Fog

4) Autoimmune Disease

5) low immunity

6) Dental Issues

7) Unexplained weight loss or gain

8) Migraine Headaches

9) Skin problems

10) Hormonal imbalances & adrenal fatigue

11) Joint & muscle aches

12) Extreme Fatigue

Look at this link to find out details!


Wow, I believe this effects 40% of the population anyway! People just don't realize it or want it to effect them.This site is really informative.

Great article Jeanne ! Thanks for sharing! I am Gluten Free :)

I was so glad to find this today! Glad you like it too!

I am also Gluten free and have been since 2007. I don't find it hard to do at all. One when you realize you are giving up side effects that helps but I don't try to substitute things for other items. I think that just makes it easier to do. :-)

I even heard it could take only 12 days to get it out of your system, but I guess it matters how long you have been having it too. Everyone is different. :-)

It's definitely easier to live gluten free now that there are so many recipes online to try.