2-Minutes To Boost Your Confidence

In many social situations, it’s easy to slip into the thinking and feeling like you’re being judged- whether it’s based on movement, speech, whatever. As some say, the person doing the judging owns the problem, not the person being judged; however, I’m sometimes left thinking, “was there something more that I could have done better?” if receiving a less-than outcome.

To avoid some of that self-doubt and uncertainty, this TEDx video offers 2-minute posture ideas that will instill some confidence before a stressful and judgmental situation, should you need it.


Well as an Ataxia person, I use a wide spread gait, now I know it was a power stance, I just thought I was trying to keep my balance.

LOL, Twirlie Girl!!! Thanks for the interesting info, Glitter On Butterflies! ;o)

Hi Glitter on Butterflies!

Inspirational, thank you! I totally got it.

Tiny tweaks - Big changes

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