Back Brace

Hiya everyone, My niece is 14 years old has Friedreich's Ataxia and got diagnosis with it march 2012 and i was wondering if anybody has had a body brace to help there spine straighten? xx

My daughter had the surgery as she had a big scoliosis.That was before Ataxia in me.I know someone with a back brace.Both seem Ok now.Depends how big the curve is and what is recommended by the Orthopeads.My daughter was 16 at the time of the surgery.She doesn't have FA but as she is onlly 23 and a nurse she doesn't want any tests.It's bad enough having a mother with CA.

Hi Selley, I have 2 sons, both with FA, they are now 20 and 24. Both have Scoliosis and both wore a brace for about 4 years or so. My eldest son Adam did have surgery to straighten his spine when he was 16 which went well and he has had no further need for treatment. Despite the first stage of getting used to wearing a brace Adam found that he felt better when he wore it because he was supported and didn't get back ache. The doctors felt that had he not worn the brace his curve would have become a lot worse and it had enabled the surgery to be delayed until he had stopped growing.

My younger son had a back brace too but he found it very hard to get used to, he persevered and when he was about 16 the doctors felt he had stopped growing and his curve had not got any worse and so he did not have to go through any surgery.

Sheila x

Hiya ladies. thank you for your replies. I just feel my nieces doctors are not looking at all the options cos they just want her to have a wheelchair and thats it.. i feel their is more options out there for her.

Selina x