Canadian CPP Disabilty

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if any Canadians here have experience with applying and being approved for CPP Disabilty Benefits? After I had my son I tried returning to work and only made it 2 weeks before I had to stop because it was so difficult having FA. I applied for CPPD but because of my young age (25) and the fact that I just came off Mat leave I'm not sure I'll be approved. I have heard it is very difficult to get, I was wondering if anyone else has experience with this and you don't mind sharing, thank you :):)

Dear Linz555: I think one thing you can count on is being refused the first time; that’s their default response. Then you call on people who know the system for help. Try
the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities (BCCPD) at They’ve been a not for profit cross-disability voice in British Columbia for over 35 years, and they helped my husband retire on disability at 53. There are also federal people there to help. Google them because they have self help guides as well as advocacy groups. Good luck!

I am from the states but sometimes you get rejected because it does not seem bad enough. If you are on medications and they are helping you, stay off of them until you get approved. Thats how it works in the states if the meds help, you seem good enough to work. You want to see them at your worst not at your best.

Also in the U.S., but I was approved immediately for my state 1 year disability, and for my private long term disability through my work. That company is having me apply for Social Security Disability ( those payments would off-set what the private insurance pays, so they even have advocates who basically do the whole process). And that advocate told me that Social Security rejects about 90% of applications on the first try - and to just appeal it when that happens.