CEREBELLAR ATAXIA 'CA' diagnosis with no known cause

I had a Hysterectomy (sp?) operation and my symtoms came on right after that. I was told it wasn't because of that operation but it happened at that time because my body was in a weakend condition.

Since that time I became more sincetive to toxin's (being a hair stylist) so my thought is because of toxin's I have ataxia, but that's my take. I've been classified also as Sporatic SCA. Meaning they don't know how I got this.

I was miss diagnosed for many years (MS, Lou Garett's, etc) then told I had ALS and go home because I was going to die withing 4 years, sorry. :0)

I somehow knew they were wrong in my heart and went to the Mayo clinic in Mn to see if they could diagnose me there. I've had 37 blood tests and you name the invasive tests, I've gone through all of them The cost was rediculus but I thought it would be worth it (after all when it comes to your living or dieing no amount is worth that). But after all that testing they said so far until new tests come out we don't know how you got this but we do know you won't die within the 4 yrs and not from ataxia. So I had a new begining! I was so greatful just to live!

They suggested that I go home to Ca and receive inter veinious steroid treatments to see if the degeneration would slow down. 5 sessions 1 day I would gain about 30 lbs in that week.

I came home and decided to try and do things naturally and if it didn't help I could always opt for the treatments. I contine to work on incorperating diffrent new foods on a trial and error basis to see if they help.

For the last few years I stopped refind sugars along with all Gluten, alcohol, presevitives anything in a box or package. As much Organic as possible. Not only was I able to loose 50 lbs without trying, but some how the cerebellum stoped degenerating (I get a MRI every two years to watch the progression of the degeneration). So because of deliberate movements (exercise) every day (soft one day hard the next even when I don't feel like it) and fresh foods, it looks as though it's stopped now. My Dr said no one has ever done it before so we are going to keep checking maybe it's at a slow crawl. I told him there is a first time for everything! It's been 6 yrs now since my last one last March 2012 and it still hasn't moved at all. So I have to continue doing everything I've been doing because I'm not quite sure what has worked. I just know it is.

Letting go of refind sugars and Gluten sure helped me walk better. I don't trip anymore along with other symtoms I was having.

I feel it's Mental, Spiritual, Physical, and emotional keeping everything in balance. When one thing is out of wack even just a little more symtoms show up. It's a daily challenge, that I work at overcoming even just a bit better than the day before. I actually am at the point of being Greatful for this ataxia now! I have met lot's of great people and have much more appreciation of little things than I did before now. I guess I had to get hit over the head and say UNCLE but I got it now! :0)

Good luck on your journey of exsploring new ways of doing things and making your life better! :0)

there is no cure but there is reasons for it. generic & medications.
im a proven fact. i took dilantin [medication] for 58 years and have cerebellar ataxia. its a side affect of the medication that only affects 5% of the people who take it. its a rare disease there is not that much research done on it. believe me. ive tried to do it. but if your taking dilantin get off of it.