This tip might help some of you - I was at a picnic when I choked,; a friend said raise your hand and arm, I did and quickly recovered, she told me why, apparently you move something but she told me in french, I can't recall what it was.

I will try it next time I choke, thanks.

No obvioous choking but breathing difficulties mainly at night or when ,lying down.

Maybe this is a sort of underlying laryngitis?

i often have had such difficulties, seemingly for different reasons.

Anyway, Cortisone is helpful. Cold air can be helpful. Holding the upper airways free has been helpful, or drinking much. No cold drinks..

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Thanks for the advice!

Cortisone - in the form of inhaled "Symbicort" is a substance i am using since years and it has had always a helpful effect, if i took it regularly twice at day. But it could be also the wrong med, by lowering the B-cell-immunity.. This could cause an outbreakt of the parasitic disease babesiosis - for example, or even other similar diseases. This has been suggested in a report about a pateint after allogeneic stem cell transplantation who rhad responded negatively to cortisone.

Hi Rose, kind regards!


2011 Persistent babesiosis in a stem cell transplant patient

"Our patient had deficiencies in both humoral and cell-mediated immunity as a result of his underlying disease and the medications he had received.

Interestingly, his parasitemia only became apparent after his steroid dose was increased and resolution of his infection seemed to correlate with tapering of his steroids, suggesting the importance of the cell-mediated immune response in the control of his infection."

This has been only one case where an parasitemia has seemingly be increased by steroids. But hits migh be the case also in other diseases..