Cold Siblings

Does anyone have to deal with this? Either friends or family? I have 2 unaffected siblings (out of 5) that are happy they didn't get it and are downright rude and uncaring. My children and I have been excluded from numerous outings. Thanks everyone

Yes, some of my family are really good but other members think its all in my head and I should get over myself. The other day I felt like utter c**p when they visited but I didn't bother saying anything as I really didn't have the energy to have yet another arguement about it. They must have been blind not to notice that I was staggering around like a drunk!!

Coleen and Poppy :Well I have 2 older sister's that did not get this. They are very loving and caring. My relatives the same. Why would a family member hold this against you? Its not like you had a choice. Sorry it just bothers me when I hear what you said. Well you might not be able to do all they can. But you can be a better person. I know there family. But you don't have to allow what they are saying. Be strong. We can be good at

Take care, Lori