Customized rolling walker


Does anyone know of anyone that can build a customized rolling cart similiar to the specifications of a standard shopping cart with 8" wheels. The rolling walker that I currently use, I kick the wheels as I walk. This is very annoying. On a standard shopping cart, the handle grip extends out 4" from the rear wheels. This is why we are able to shop till we drop. Thank you.

I use a modified baby jogger so I can jog. I regularly jog at least 3 miles every other day. I found my jogger on craigslist. If you go looking for jogger you want to find one that has a V break system on it. The jogger I have is called "performance series baby jogger" and it also has 20 inch wheels. If you decide to get it jogger it is a good idea to add a counter weight because they jogger is to light without an actual baby in it. I use a 40 pound bag of sand. I have found the jogger feels as comfortable as pushing a shopping cart I justremoved the canopy and seat. This is the Cadillac of baby joggers, my sandbag fits in the cargo pouch.