Douglas Hilton and Adam Bandt MP talk about medical research in Australia

Adam Bandt is the first Australian Greens MP to win a seat in the House of Representatives at a federal election.

And while the seat of Melbourne, which takes in the inner suburbs and CBD of the nation’s second largest city, is often caricatured as being the home of fixie-riding latte-swilling hipsters, there’s far more to the area than merely the cliches.

Melbourne is home to the nation’s densest and most effective cluster of medical research facilities, an area of concentrated research and innovation that stacks up handsomely with the world’s best.

A lynchpin of this rapidly evolving medical and life sciences hub is the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, or WEHI as it is often known.

WEHI director Doug Hilton sat down with Bandt last week to talk medical science and find out where the Greens, often portrayed as “anti-science” and “anti-growth” stand on a field of research – and an industry – that promises to benefit Australia and Australians at every level if properly nurtured and supported

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