eHealth Week 2017: Cross-border exchange of personal health

eHealth Week 2017: Cross-border exchange of personal health

Yes, we are crossing borders and we all have contacts with doctors. And every time we see them, Data is compiled.

The internet has increased the interaction within the eHealth community and this eHealth community is expanding rapidly, enabling the potential for fully Holistic approach to the health and the healthcare system.

Crossing borders can be physical, geographical or psychological or even a “mindset” for some

We can see more and more people from all over Europe and worldwide with a passion in the future of eHealth via Social Media and electronic platforms and communications plus innovation within the health community.

I know the importance of a health system that involves a connected health. Living in a rural village (population of 12) in Wales and having a rare Neurological condition (Ataxia, that affects Balance, Speech and co-ordination) the lack of specific treatment means a 14-hour round train journey often for a 20 minute appointment!