My son’s genetic testing came back 2 months early. They found no abnormalities in any cerebellar genes but they found out that he has IPEX syndrome (reason for his diabetes & liver transplant)& it was due to a mutated FOXP3 gene passed by me to him. The genetics dr is trying to publish an article in the medical journal & he will be trying to reach out around the world to other drs to see if there is a correlation between this gene & his cerebellum atrophy. Anyone on here have same issues?

Hi Jamie :slight_smile:

After reading your post I researched IPEX Syndrome and FOXP3 gene. You might like to log onto and search IPEX Syndrome. There’s a link to click on for FOXP3 gene.

Somewhere else I saw a link with FOXP2 and a Cerebellar disorder but because information isn’t always easy for the lay person to interpret, this probably isn’t helpful:)xB

This may be useful.