Google Introduces Crowd Sourcing for Wheelchair Accessible Places

This new part to an existing application allows users to input accessibility for businesses and venues alike. It will revolutionize how we interact with places. You simply search up where you want to go and Google Maps will give a rating for the place on how accessible it is for the disabled based on consumer input. So we no longer end up at locations only to find out we can’t access them.
It also may give existing business owners the opportunity to improve their entrances and such to accommodate the disabled.
This may be a major step forward for people with disabilities, and it will create an avenue for folks to help improve accessibility without jeopardizing their identity.
Although, there seems to be work to be done on this to make it more user friendly, the initial concept is there. A true step in the right direction for the disabled and physically challenged.

Wow, hutchy, that is really interesting and great news for a lot of people. I think that might have a similar effect to what restaurant reviews have done to dining out. A good thing, in my book!

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