Hand atrophy

I was told today that my hands are showing atrophy. what can I do to over come this

Doodle Bug,

Can you give more detail about your hand atrophying? Are you having joint pain? How old are you?

Is your hand numb? Are they getting paralyzed? Are you taking any vitamin mineral supplements?

doodle Bug,

I am glad you are taking a B complex if you take a multivitamin such as Centrum Silver for women or men it has the b complex in it plus other vitamins and minerals. Are you taking calcium magnesium per RDA recommendations1000 mg calcium and 350 mg for woman 420 mg for men? I also take 5000 iu vitamin D3 it will help your body absorb the calcium better. The numbness is coming from your nerves not transmitting signals correctly. The nerves use 3 nutrients to transmit signals they are sodium potassium and calcium in the form of ions. Just make sure you are taking the 3 nutrients for your nerves. If you have kidney problems

a doctor should be involved. I gradually moved up to 1000 mg calcium 1000 mg magnesium 1/2 dosage morning and night.

Doodle Bug said:

I am 65 have numbness slight except for thumb & next finger. I take vitamins: B Complex, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C. Am in physical therapy due to a fall that broke my wrist. The therapist pointed out today that not only are my wrists atrophying but my palms are also. Scared.

Theraputty and/or a stress-ball help me build and keep muscle in my hands; also, for dexterity, I did finger curls when I worked on regaining movement in my hands from full “paralysis” - have no idea what the real name is of this exercise - you basically fan each finger individually into your palm and then fan the opposite way back out to original position.

Doodle Bug,

If it was me I would go to a good MD doctor who specializes in nutrition. They usually have a IV room and you can get treated for hand numbness. They know what blood test to run. I found out all blood test are not the same.

Gripmaster MEDICAL Hand Exercisers are great. Amazon sells them. The key is to be consistent and determined to overcome as much as possible.

The hand exercisers come in different strengths. I started very light.

Lots of protein to build muscles.

Keep up the good work.

Doodle Bug,

Please see my post titled 'People on this forum complain of hand and feet numbness'