does anyone else out there have weakness in there thumbs? my hands seem to be fairly strong. Even though my hands\fingers remain strong i find that every year i seem to be losing strength in my thumbs. while it is easy to exercise my hands i am not able to find any good exercises for my thumbs

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


I am familar with A-T, but this would be a new one to be directly from A-T as far as I know. The main causes are likely Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, neuropathy (do you have numbness and tingling with reflex losses in your hands and feet?), otherwise a neck problem at the C6 joint:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is very common:


Note, A-T can cause neuropathy, both directly, and through Diabetes, so get that checked too.

Neck problems at C6 joint affects thumbs:


A-T can cause Cervical Dystonia, which could affect the C6 neck joint. Do you have any problems with muscle stiffness/spasms in the neck? See here for symptoms:


"ATM has previously been reported to cause isolated cervical dystonia, but never, to our knowledge, DRD [Dopa Responsive Dystonia]. Individuals with dystonia related to ataxia telangiectasia may benefit from a trial of levodopa."


So, if it's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it can be treated various ways, depending on cause. Get your blood sugar amd thyroid checked too. If it's a neck problem, ask your Neurologist to try you on Levodopa, the med usually used in Parkinson's, which may help, otherwise Botox injections in the affected muscle could help.

Do go and get this checked out, because it might be treatable, and that'd be at least one less issue you've got. :-)



No, not thumbs but lefthand index finger is not so good on the keyboard.

thankyou abby for your input on this. from the info you provided, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome does seem like the more lkely the causes:( . if Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the answer, then it has been developing for well over 10 years

Not one digit, but I am having trouble writing and typing.

You're welcome Bob.

Like I say, if you get it checked out, you might be able to get it treated, and that'll be one less thing on the list that gets in the way of living your life. "Every little helps". :-)