Happy Christmas to all affected by Ataxia

Nadolig Llawen / Merry #christmas
#ATAXIA #RareDisease #wales #Cymru!

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:christmas_tree::christmas_tree: Merry Christmas to All :christmas_tree::christmas_tree: :blush: xB

Yes, a blessed Merry Christmas to all as well as Happy Hanukkah! My one gift this year has been discovering why I’ve encountered chest pressure and shortness of breath recently. I’ve two leaky valves but the doc wasn’t concerned about that. But because I’m continuing to experience similar incidents, he had me undergo an angiogram to be certain no blocked coronary arteries…No problem there, but since birth I’ve had what is called a myocardial bridging LAD–means my LAD dives into my heart muscle when it’s supposed to wrap around my heart. At the moment diltiazem is helping my heart muscle to not contract so hard. I’m grateful! JD

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Thank you senior and a merry Christmas to you and happy holidays to everyone here.
I hope 2018 will be good to everyone x

Sorry I am late but hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I wish you very happy and peaceful new year.