Help With Tiredness

My daughter is 5 years old and started school in August. She gets extremely tired mostly as a result of her ataxia. As a result I am unable to get her to practise her physio. Does anyone have any ideas to reduce her tiredness.



Hi Pauline, My grandchildren are 7, 5 and 4 years so I know how tiring school can be for them.

I have Ataxia myself so putting the two together, I can well imagine how exhausted your daughter must feel.

As a retired person, I am able to pace myself - generally getting most things done in the morning and resting in the afternoon - but obviously this isnt possible with school times - I wonder if you have discussed this with the head teacher.

Maybe she could practice physio at lunch time. Personally I exercise very first thing in the morning.

I hope you can work something out. Take care, Patsy ;o)

I think you should discuss this with her teacher/head.

Don't they usually have a session in the sports hall/gym.. just running about...playing on gym equipment etc, if she isn't able to manage that, maybe she can do her own physio in that session or in one of the break times?

Hi Pauline, I have ataxia and work full time. I am feeling more and more tired and often take rest breaks throughout the day. Just 15 - 20 mins in a room on my own where I can rest (doze a little!). Afterwards I feel better. As other commenters have iluded to, speaking to the teacher is a good start, my manager is fully aware of my situation. Just like work school wants your daughter to perform as well as she can, so should be receptive to such strategies. Food is also good, getting blood sugars up always makes me feel better!

Hope this helps, Dave

Thank-you for all your suggestions. The school is aware of the situation but ataxia seems to be very new for them too. I have also suggested that she does some of her physio during gym.

Thanks again,