How do your define yourself?

Watch her it makes you question yourself and how you see things!

I'm defining myself not by my mistakes or what other's think of me. I try that is something daily I try to focus on what the Bible tells me about God and how he feels about me. I look for other things in life to give me more of a purpose to be here. Other wise to me what's the point I think she had a great point here about using our problems as rungs on a ladder to reach higher. I never thought about them like that before. Hummm I'm going to remember that one!

I think we all need something to hang on to. I choose God's promises, and that works for me. It may not work for other's and that's ok. I say what ever works for us to keep us going in the right direction right? :0)

Hi Jeannie - Great reminder for the ladder rung thing. I don’t know if you’re into Dr. Wayne Dyer; he uses an analogy with ladder rungs, too.

Ted-X presentations are always informative and good for rebuilding my noggin.