I can feel when I overdo it

I went to an event that I wanted to attend the other night, a friend picked me up and drove ( night driving is a problem ). I’m glad I went but I felt it by end of the night bad and couldn’t function the next day. I could injure myself easier when I’m fatigued, I must realize and know my limits. I can try sometimes but must say No when it could hurt me.

I know the feeling.
It is two months that I am away from work. When I go I feel so tired I have to recuperate for two or three days…

Yes,, can definitely relate to that

Yes I am also affected by fatigue, the evening are the worse and it is visually noticeable. I might walk fine on and off throughout the day but it’s a guaranty in the evening my walking stuffers and I can not lift my right foot.

I feel like it is a vicious circle. The more I do, the more tired I get and the less I do the more tired I get too! Can’t seem to get out of this not so merry-go-round…
Sometimes, I find my limits, sometimes I don’t . It is a strange game we are playing and I do not like it :frowning:

Your not alone there JC I too over do it at times. I think I use that as a gage at times to know next time what a limit is for me.

Don't beat yourself up over it it actually is just a wake up call for me to learn something new about how I handle something. I think that boundaries are a good thing to know. I think that is how we create one. :0)

Yes I can definetly relate to that. Even doing food shopping or too much housework leaves me knowing I've overdone it. I'm still feeling a bit guilty when I don't feel like doing much, but I am starting to relax a little. I can only manage to work in the day and in the evenings I just watch tv or read aswell as exercise some. I also definetly agree about night driving and try to avoid it if I can.

The way I see it is a lot of able bodied people don't do anymore than me, so don't feel too bad about it.

My body tells me when I maxed it out. I either choose to listen to it - when I can do something about it - ex: lay down in a quiet area - or it will “tell” me by shutting down, etc. Either way, it’s my choice.

On those occasions where I choose to try and exceed my physical limits (ex: just eating/socializing with some people), I will for sure pay the consequences by crashing out for hours. It’s the same thing when I have a simple cold.

Jeannie made a great point about boundaries. To add to that, I just read something that said our boundaries and limits make us more creative b/c it forces us to do things in different ways. Just think of how much more creative you’re becoming. :slight_smile:

I hear you, JC! Ataxia is tiring. My theory is we get fatigued because everything we do physically takes so much effort! Even though I don't have Gluten Ataxia, I recently went gluten, dairy and sugar free. I feel much better now and have more energy! ;o)

It's good to establish your own boundaries. I know when I fatigued things get worse and make sure I sit down somewhere cool (I'm in the Australian heat).

I so agree with you. The more I try to do the less I get done. I have to stop continuously to just sit or lie down. When I do not try to do anything around the house I am just plain tired. Is there no happy medium? I am getting so frustrated. We are trying to get things organized around the house so we can put it on the market to sell. It is taking me so long to do just normal jobs. ;(

Yes it also tekes me ages to do normal jobs, Any. Fatigue in fact is the main problem. I am very frustrated these days and for the first time I am getting depressed. How soes one deal with all this?

Dear Boat201, Ataxia is extremely frustrating and challenging! Try to take it one day at a time and although hard, don't think about the future. None of us know what the future holds, ataxia or not! Be as positive as possible, as although you can't control having ataxia, you can control your attitude about it. Celebrate what you can do, not what you can't. Exercise (safely) for strength and balance, as it help you feel better, If you're depressed, find a good therapist to talk to, and maybe consider trying an anti-depressant. We're here for you! You're not alone in this journey! ;o)

dear rose thank you! i know you are all there and it helps and I love you. probably will need a therapist. It is hard also to accept this since I have always thought I could do without them :). I am trying my best, Only recently have I found myself not being able to live…what I considered… a “normal” life, All i changing, I cannot overdo? …do…many things anymore. I have a daughter and a son but I currently live alone in the US where I had come for work. My marriage has failed ages ago and now… I am not idependent anymore…I will have to go back to Italy where I come from…it is hard.

Dear boat 2011

I recently started on a course of anti depressants called Citalopram they are very subtle, don'y zone you out or make you hyper. They just raise the erotonin levels in the brain back to what they should be. Sadly depression is common amongst ataxians.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Martin, I will ask my doctor. I take so many medicines that I guess one more cannot harm…I take natural serotonin level helper, Hypericus. Depression is just natural when one feels one cannot do what it was once used to. I would not call it depression. These days we call everything depression. It’s sadness, the feeling that your life is completely changing and that you cannot be the one you used to be…
A need to change your choices, your desires, your needs…

You're so welcome Boat 2011! I have been on an anti-depressant for several years (before diagnosis for ataxia, for different reasons, which I won't go into right now). Since being diagnosed with Sporadic Cerebellar Ataxia (non-hereditary?/unknown cause) eleven years ago, I'm glad I'm on an anti-depressant. Early on, I did talk with a therapist, as I felt I needed someone to help me ''accept/deal" with my ataxia. An anti-depressant is not a happy pill. It just helps balance chemicals in the brain. I still feel sad and frustrated at times, as ataxia, 24/7 is so challenging! It really changes your life. I look at it as my new "normal" and do the best I can! I admire you for recognizing how it's effecting you! My best to you... ;o)