Do ataxians become apathetic
Do we gradually withdraw?

Hi Bernard - I'm unsure if it's withdrawal or not...I should say, I think that it depends on what stage a person is in.

I definitely do things quite a bit differently now, and my choices are much different now which sometimes doesn't include a lot of "fanfare"; however, I think that the whole withdrawal thing is natural to do in the depression stage of loss.

I agree with the idea that it depends on what stage a person is in! I was very withdrawn and lost a lot of self confidence when my ataxia(s) started to affect me badly. I lost interest in social activities and because some hobbies became very much chores - I gave them up.

After four plus years of ataxia (known), I have made adjustments and have got some of my hobbies back and a better social life!

So! Yes, ataxians do sometimes become withdrawn.

As for apathy, I really cannot be bothered! (Had to get that one out of my system!)

Yeah! At times I'm sure we all feel a bit like we hve no control and or get dissinterested in self or the world around us - especially when we are told things like "you definately have a health problem but we do not know what it is" by health professionals. It is easy for an ataxian (and sometimes others) to feel we lack the ability to face a challenge or to become doomful with regard our condition. This is part of life for many people though - not just ataxians.

Keep well, stay interested and try not to become withdrawn. :)

Thanks for replies
What really keeps me going
Is my wife and 3 children

No, surely not. But maybe a bit stoical?

I have noticed I am a lot more passive and could not care less… My vulnerabîlity has a lot to do with it. Children give a purpose

i think this is also a matter of how we can enact control over our body. When ataxia progresses we need new concepts how to move. But in my case i tend to avoid movements and actions,and so a sort of withdrawal is programmed.

I totally agree with Joe Hamed I couldn’t think of no :baby: children to worry about!
The only problem is when they leave home…

Hi. Everyone deals with our limitations differently. I’ve definitely withdrawn from certain activities and putting myself in situations I’m not comfortable with, but I definitely wouldn’t call myself apathetic—never have been, never will be. I care more about something’s now because I realize how precious every day things are, and how much is taken for granted. I try to improve things so the next person coming along doesn’t have to deal with the same issues…though I know there’ll be new ones around the corner!!

:thinking: It could be an age thing, but I’m also less likely to go along with ‘things’ I’m uncomfortable with these days. When I know a situation is going to make me stressed, and struggle to keep up like ‘normal’, it really doesn’t seem practical or worth the bother. But, I have found my interests have changed, and I have much more empathy than I ever had.

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