Introducing Myself

Ahh thanks Rose. Thank god my kids are older. My son thou at 14. Gets a lot of yelling which I wish I could stop. It seems everything bothers me. With Ataxia everything is a chore. Nothing easy. Well sex is easy if your laying down. ha, ha. But this sight does help A LOT!!


rose said:

You do have strength Lori, as you're raising children! That's a tough job, especially with ataxia! I admire you for that! Believe me, I have "bad" days too, and my children are grown and out of the house now...,ha!

Several people have mentioned Vit B12. I agree. I take a B12 that dissolves under my tongue. It's amazing! The brand I purchase (in the US) is Jarrow Formulas. "Methyl B12 1000 mcg". It's available in Whole Foods.

Hello everyone, I apologize for not replying. It’s been rough with term papers and studying for finals. Unfortunately I have encountered another bout of brain fog.
Julie, thank you for the advice. I don’t have CD, at least I think I don’t. I was tested after I started my GF diet. I noticed after I eat “crappy” foods… Like GF cake, I feel terrible. What could be the cause of that? Thank you.

I'm not surprised you feel terrible after eating "crappy" foods. Our bodies need real whole foods. That how we were designed. I spent 50 years eating crappy foods. Now I eat real food. I had one of my doctors recently tell me (since I went GF) that I'm his "only patient who's grown younger". It was a good validation of my changes in diet.

We have to take care of ourselves regardless of what others around us are doing.

I've recently seen a new doctor, who I think is great, and I found out a couple of things.

My whole problem started after I got a vaccine called Gardasil. Apparently many girls like me have gotten severe neurologic disorders after the vaccine, and 100+ have died. The vaccine caused CNS inflammation in me, which triggered the gluten ataxia as well as chronic fatigue syndrome. It seems as though every girl effected by this vacine in a negative way feels better is by eliminated refined sugars, gluten, lactose, and eating all organic foods.

I haven't been doing too well the past 2 weeks, I got a virus 2 weeks ago and it seems that has triggered my symptoms to flare up. Anyone else experienced that?

Also sorry I haven't replied to many posts. Brain fog is so bad I can't even finish my term paper.

Thanks, Rebecca.

Not to worry, Rebecca! You sound as though you're really busy with college...,been there, done that! Yes, an illness can set you back for a while, as I've experienced that too. Just try to take care of yourself and drink a lot of water with a bit of lemon, as that will flush toxins out of your system/liver. Also, unless you already take one, a multi-vitamin is a good idea. I take an assortment of things: a multi-vitamin, 2 fish oil caps, 1 flax seed cap, 300 mg Co-Q-10 cap, vitamin D cap (dose?), 1000 mg B-12 cap and a cap for joint health (dose?). Of course, check with your doctor to see what is recommended for you specifically. I'm sorry you ended up with ataxia from a vaccine! I do admire your drive to do well in school, especially when you're not feeling well. Hopefully your health will improve if your vigilant in your "healthy" eating plan! Take care... ;o)