Keep Wanting to Go Back to Work

It’s been nine years since I went out on a medical retirement. I was working in technology off of my first bachelors and have since then earned up to a masters in another field. I keep thinking if I just get a liiiiittle bit further, say to finish a PhD, I could slip back into a new field.

What I’d like to do is organizational psychology, so like something in HR or working in statistics to improve production in human systems. I was effective as a manager putting teams together in a way that got them to happily do their work productively. I generally dislike millennials, but not as employees. I used to specialize in that age group and getting the best out of them. Getting them off their phones and into projects. I miss being useful. Seeing young people reach higher potential.

But like, here I am in bed as we speak. I had a great week, but didn’t speak up in physical therapy yesterday and then found myself scooting around on the floor last night. I couldn’t even use my walker or talk.

I guess I’m just bored and frustrated.

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:thinking: Know what, I never thought I’d want to be part of the rat race again, but…I’d give anything now. I retired early because of symptoms, and years later enrolled as a mature student in 3 subjects. One of them I had to drop (French) after a few weeks because my brain wasn’t as ‘sharp’ as I thought it was :wink: But I really enjoyed the other 2 (English, Art & Textile Design) :slightly_smiling_face: I was on a course with students the same age as my daughter, it was interesting, and we did have some laughs :joy:
You’re tired, and bored and very, very frustrated…for now :slightly_smiling_face: But, once you feel more ‘at one with yourself’ and ready explore possibilities, who knows where it could take you
I get very tired too, and sometimes I wonder why I ever set foot out the door because of symptoms. But, on a rare good day, I actually feel anything is possible :slightly_smiling_face: xB