Naturopathic vs. Conventional Medicine

I’ve given this much consideration lately, naturopathic vs. conventional medicine. Just one of the many thoughts that keep me awake at night!
A few years back when I first encountered symptoms, I enlisted the services of a naturopathic dr. Not covered under the Ontario Canada health plan, I quickly ran out of funds and had to revert back to conventional healthcare that had costs covered under the provincial insurance plan.
Since then I’ve often wondered how a naturopathic dr. would handle diseases such as ataxias etc. Would she throw a bunch of naturopathic remedies at me with hopes of finding a cure or treatment? Or would she treat each symptom more like conventional medicine but with naturopathic solutions? Either way seems to have pros and cons.
I have ceased all methods of treatment including home remedies etc. Nothing seems beneficial at this point. However, I do have faith in both conventional and naturopathic treatments and I’m willing to experiment with anything in the name of neurologic conditions. I think each has it’s place.
I am a firm believer in getting back to basics with medicine. But I wonder, will a cure or treatment come in the form of regular medicine, or will one rear it’s face more naturally? (Penicillin was discovered in a naturally occurring mold) But since has been hailed and placed on a pedestal with regular ol’ drugs.
I can’t help but think, if insurance covered naturopathic healthcare, would I be using it vs. old fashioned medicine? Maybe a bit of both.

Interesting thought! I don’t really care where the cure comes from as long as it comes LOL

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I stopped my progression. I have SCA1 which is an inherited form of ataxia caused by mis-folded proteins. Here is what I am doing:

If you click on my name or avatar on that website you will see a list of many, many other posts I have made all related to “natural/complementary/alternative” therapies.

DO NOT GET DISHEARTENED WHAT IF? DO BEST WITH WHAT YOU GOT LEFT of your walking, balance issues…speech…and keep addressing the problematic areas. Embrace your ataxia. It is more of a nuisance, than anything…NOT WORTH LOSING SLEEP OVER. wORSE HAPPENS!