Need to know more about fluid on the medulla oblongata

My Internist told me that her report from the neurosurgeon she first sent me to indicated fluid on the Medulla Oblongata. I want tp know more about that before I return to my second appt. which this time is with the neurologist following a fifth MRI and EMG. Also, some friends have asked me why the internist sent me to a neurosurgeon before sending me to a neurologist. Any information or thoughts on this? Thanking you in advance. --SoBoVa


I don't know what the usually routine would be over there? I'm guessing you are in US or something as Internist is not a term used in UK.

Here is a link that tells you what the Medulla Oblongata is and what it controls:

This may give you a clue as to your symptoms and why your doctor has come to the conclusion that yours in involved or not working for some reason.

Maybe it is the Neuro surgeons specialty to remove fluid from this part of the brain and that's why.. maybe they needed a confirmation from a surgeon to say yes this is definitely what it is and now you have to go back to discuss your options with a regular neurologist? Maybe you can ask your Neurologist when you go for your appointment?