NEW Doro phone with camera

Doro make simple mobile phones with big buttons and big screens so they are easy to use and read. They are also hearing aid compatible.

Their newest one also has a camera and you can send picture messages in a text message.

The phone is £137.67 at Connevans, you may find it cheaper elsewhere.. full details on link below.

Sorry, I do not know if this phone is available outside of the UK.

Thank you, for this information

it will be usefull for less (hand) co-ordinated citizens to keep in touch / up to speed with technology and independence

I like it... i have to pay £1 a day extra on iPhone if I want to be able to send picture messages.. not sure if that applies to this one.. but had it switched off as it was costing me a fortune as I didn't use the internet on it cos screen's too small.

I was hoping they would make one of the new iPads somewhere between the size of the old one and the iPhone (6-7" screen) with phone capabilities so I could use it as a bigger iphone! ... as I really struggle with the tiny qwerty keyboard on iPhone.

Dunno how easy this one would be for composing SMS?