Our Gary

Just a quick mention for my son Gary who has just set off from Kathmandu to Everest base camp for his sister Cassie. He has raised £1,500 for his trek. Your mum and I are very proud of you, son.

#Wonderful..Hope all goes well and Cassie has a lovely brother indeed...AMl


Hi Punk:)
I hope Cassie is doing well :slight_smile: Very best wishes to Gary, it’ll be an amazing experience :slight_smile: xB

Thanks Ozzy and Beryl, Cassie is doing fine and she knows what a wonderful brother she has

>>Is that all the response we get? No wonder no-one visits this site..Ya'll wrapped up in your own self pity..

..‪#‎Remember‬, the sun is always shining even when you can't see it!

Pob Lwc / Good Luck

Super . Good luck

Thanks Ozzy and everyone else. Gary is a cancer survivor from when he was 15, he is 26 and very conscious of the effect ataxia is having on his sister. He has also raised money for the teenage cancer trust