Pain Killers

A visit to a new GP about ten years ago may have caused my CA! I'd had back pain for years so he

prescribed strong ( forte) codeine based paracetamol like they were jelly beans.Repeats after repeats with-out any questions..In hind sight I've been using the stuff off and on until last week because before last week my Ataxia was worsening..In one week without the stuff I'll feel so more relaxed,co-ordinated and able to recommence exercising.

..Any comments are,but to say,greatly appreciated..


Kind of a same story here Ozzy. In August 2002 I got a series of 4 tetanus injections after a dog bite: NEVER wake up a sleeping dog:):) literally. Anyway, next day went to my GP, Two shots, one in the right and one in the left arm, exactly 1 month later one and 5 months later the last one. I always thought 1 injection would do the trick but this was 'new'. With hindsight I should never have gotten this 'experiment' and have also been so stupid to finish the 'programme' up until the 4th one.

Right after the first ones, within a month I started noticing a change in my legs when running and shortly after that also when walking. And IT progressed..ending up in December 2004 with the iloca diagnosis: the unknown source late-onset ataxia. My gut feeling made me question my GP about this. One had nothing to do with the other, is what he said. And I STILL wonder!! HOW mighty is the pharmaceutical industry in this world. No need to question that. They stand above ALL governments. All I see is dollar signs there!

Iloca just maybe caused from Toxic poisoning! Beware is all I'm saying with type of medication you're prescibed..Day 5 off

Codeine and now a different person''Why?