Parenting and Ataxia, is very HARD!

Thanks Randy. He should he loves all of the games. And he's really good for his age too! He's funny, he gets into them and tells me sometimes to eat his dust, and then goes in for the kill. He cracks me up!

So true. My family seems to be more relaxed around me when they know I'll ask for help when I need it. And just another thought, concerning friends and family requesting us to sit down when we hold babies, it is scary for them if they think we don't know our limitations. A baby is a very precious commodity and they're just being protective. Not meaning to come down on my fellow ataxians, just offering another perspective.

stilldancing said:

I understand Lori and Randy. My friends and even my children have me sit down when I hold their babies, until I show them that I'm not going to drop their children and I' even tell them when I need their help with their children. That's one nice thing about getting older: you know your limitations and aren't afraid to ask for help,

I stopped eating gluten and sugars and my ataxia has improved a lot. It has not gotten worse and I'm getting better and better. I don't know if I can completely reverse it but I have my life back. I was almost wheelchair bound when I was diagnosed by a very good doctor who said to stop eating grains and sugars. She was right, it really works. Gluten damages the cerebellum of the brain which is your balance center and sugar is also very damaging. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying it for 6 months to see if eliminating those foods from your diet can help you too. I also avoid the so called "gluten free" grains because all grains have some gluten and I seem to be sensitive to even small amounts but you can test that and see what works for you. I use those items as a treat but I don't eat them every day.

Since I am in a wheelchair, I’m always sitting down!!! I find as my brother sees me with my nephew he relaxes some. It is just so frustrating in that I used to babysit before ataxia, and there are so many things I want badly to do with him, but I can’t!!!


focuse on what you do with him

i know its hard and we have bad days

keep positive and be proud of you

sending you a hug