PICC Line Arm from Care + Wear

My good friend Chait Razdan started a company that makes arm bands that go over PICC Lines. You can customize the arm bands for a charity you want to support (hello Ben's Friends) or for a message you want to spread. It's a cool new medical product so I wanted to share it here. You can pre-buy it through Indiegogo here (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-band-improving-life-for-picc...).

There is no financial relationship although we may do a print for Ben's Friends if people like the idea. - Scott

From Chait:

Today we are proud to announce the official launch of Care + Wear. With cutting-edge designs and features, we hope to be able to help comfort, protect and inspire patients with fashionable medical accessories that also help support our foundation partners. Everyone has had a close friend or family member undergo some type of medical treatment and witnessed just how taxing it is; lives are completely altered for both the patient and their caretakers. Having experienced it first hand, Susan, Caroline and I combined our backgrounds to create a functional and fashionable treatment accessory that provides protection while increasing comfort during treatment.

We’re proud to have an experienced advisory board consisting of doctors, nurses, strategic growth and marketing professionals and successful entrepreneurs who have each dedicated countless hours to helping build Care + Wear. We proudly call the American Cancer Society, F Cancer and the Tyler Robinson Foundation partners. Most importantly, we’ve spoken to patients and asked for their feedback as well. We’ve heard countless stories of how the Band would have, and could improve a patient’s journey through long-term medical care. We are more inspired to bring our dream to life every day.

All the funds pledged will help us manufacture and distribute the first Bands to hospitals and patients, with a portion being donated to our foundation partners. Click on the link below to pre-buy a band or donate a band to a patient in need: http://igg.me/at/careandwear. It’s about time that we did something to help patients and their families. So join us, this is only the beginning.

Buy a Band. Support a Cause.

I live in the UK and am about to start chemo.
I shared this info on my timeline :slight_smile: xB

Am confused. What is it?

I wish i had one of these bands when i had a bad infection in my leg 8 years ago,i covered the PICC with a sock!

Hi Neta, here is a link to show you a PICC line

The catheter is left in the arm for the length of the whole treatment, so that the patient does not have to go through reinstalling the catheter for each treatment. The arm band protects the catheter and prevents it from being ripped off, or damaged and also contaminated.

Hope you are doing well. Take care

Thanks Cicina for a very informative link :slight_smile: xB

I went into ICU some years ago and my line for chemo fell out It took almost 5 days to insert it again, I guess my veins had collapsed. They gave me a temporary in my foot.to get me by. Doctors and nurses all tried a couple even got it into an artery it was caught. At the time my blood pressure fell so low I went in for a week.