Is Ataxia caused by a stroke progressive like genetic ataxia, or does it stay the same?

Ataxia caused by injury/stroke would NOT normally be progressive.The damage is at it's worse to begin with.
After that you can have some degree of gradual improvement. Very important to just working on recovery.

That said, if you had a stroke you have a greater chance of having another stroke, and that could cause further damage either in the same area or a different area. You may have risk factors that can be controlled so that gives you a fighting chance to stay healthy. So take your medication, exercise etc,

Also anything that is a stressor seems to affect the brain damage, such as lack of sleep, alcohol and issues related to aging can be hard. That is not the same as the Ataxia getting worse but you not coping as well.

Thanks Linda! This is reassuring!

I found this to be a very important perspective that I wasn’t aware of. Thank you.