Reading w/ shaky hands

i hv sca2 w/ bad hand tremors and cannot read near stuff (due to age). does anybody hv any advice on how to read - hving a hard time putting glasses on?

Have not got shaky hands due to age but tremor in both.Turning pages iis difficult but I got a Kindle from Amazon to overcome this problem.Now my hhands wobble over the screen.Love reading but it is getting more difficult.I too have a battle with reading glasses. I have CA and not an idetified SCA.

I can understand how difficult it must be to put your glasses on and how afraid you must be to break them’ everytime you try.
There are some very flexible frames that you might want to look into. Check this website
Wish I had had those the last time I sat on my glasses… :frowning:

There are also frames made of rubber for children, but I do not know if they make them for adults. Your optician might know.

As far as reading, Marie Turner’s idea of a Kindle is great.

Best wishes to you.

I use a page magnifier, helps a lot. I can’t remember where I got mine or I would post a link.

because of my hand tremor i got a tablet too - good idea marie. wobbly hands is getting to be a problem. cincina, i like yr flexible/rubber framed glasses ideas. now i need 1.75 magnification! bob, i tried finding mag. sheets before, but they need two hands - kinda hard to type.

Support an iPad or kindle on a stand
Read at best for you angle on a table.

MIL had a Kindle that read to her. also made letters huge for her--she had glaucoma--like 1-2 words per page. My computer (laptop) has a magnifer, also reads to you and has voice recognition to control it and type but I haven't learned to use it yet. If it gets down to "have to" I will. I do blow up many things on the computer to be able to see them and use bright lights to see non computer things better. Don't know how anyone can see without a good light.