Sensitivity when looking on Screens TV, EDV - Looking for help

Hi all,

does anybody know what i can do when i get symptoms from looking into my laptop?

I ve got this problem since my first computer screen in 2002. I got nausea/feeling sickness, and had to stop, later buying a computer with a better resolution, and finally laptops. As i am somehow addicted to internet and writing on my laptop this is big problem for me because i have to stop the use always for days when the symptoms are getting too much.

i have stopped looking TV 30 years ago. When doing this i cannot sleep in in the night, and my head always had vibrations then, also so far ago..

Since three years i have got computer protection glasses; cheap ones, but they do not protect me completely. When the symptoms add to one another it s really too much. My head vibrates and my whole body vibrates.

Actually i have got a dizziness/vertigo in my backhead, resulting from causes from the last days (influenca vaccination - bad, causind vertigo and walking problems) - ohropax - a catastrophe. And now, with the notebook, it is too much. Have to stop soon.

Please, if anybody here would suffer from similar problems? Do you know some solutions? (Except printing it all out and having a writing assistant typing).

Kind regards, and thanks in advance...


Exception with TV- when i was in the clinic after my transplantation - i looked sometimes, but then i had some psychopharmaca-medications probably making this easier..i had no symptoms (trittico given for better sleep).

Stay away from video games. Some stupid commercials grab your attention using the method of rapidness. Resolution is supposed to be good. Avoid the Dynex brand. Good res (1080) for monitors are best. Consider upgrading the AV cable to HDMI.

Oh, the monitor brightness can be lowered. Check settings.

No sorrows, Eric, i don`t play any video games. Just reading and emailing.

Thank you very much. I thought into this direction today (making the view darker), but was unsuccessful because my protective sun-glasses were too dark. Will try your version now.

Eric Clark said:

Oh, the monitor brightness can be lowered. Check settings.

Ereaders. The page turns.

Ereaders. Page turns.

Thank you. I looked on the informations regarding such E-readers - - from Amazon Kindle - and now saw for the first time, that it is possible to transfer texts from a computer/notebook to Kindle. In general i am not well orientated in technical things. Often i buy such a thing and then it is too complicated to use. I will go into a shop and ask for more informations. Eraders could be a solution for me.