Sleep 😴 but at the wrong time 😩

Up until recently my sleep pattern has been pretty good. I’ve managed to get through the day without wanting to sleep, gone to bed at a reasonably late hour and slept through, apart from essential bathroom visits :smirk:

But the last couple of weeks have been awful. I find I’m waking anytime from 4am, and just can’t get back to sleep :grimacing: I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t uncommon, and it’s so exhausting and frustrating just having to lie there hoping against hope that you’ll drop off again.

It’s occurred to me that one of the reasons for this change, for me anyway, is that I’ve stopped taking Sertraline. It’s now about 2-3mths since I stopped taking the medication, and I was just on a minimum dose of 50mg daily.

I do have a sound sleep but not exactly when it’s welcome :roll_eyes: I can almost guarantee that there’ll be 2hrs every evening where I’ll just simply ‘drop off and be dead to the world’ :weary: Then wake, be almost ‘fresh as a daisy’ just when it’s actually time to go to bed :expressionless:

I’m now wondering if anybody else has experienced this weird sensation :thinking: xB

Yes, I too suffer from this phenomenon. For me, I wake to have the “essential” bathroom visit, then I return only to be totally awake, usually around 3am. I find I sleep well between 8pm and 3am. Although I am accustomed to it now, and I really carry no daytime obligations that require my total alertness, I often wonder though, what my life would be like if I only had a proper night sleep.
I did take medication (Clonazapam and Melatonin) mainly to alleviate sleep disorders, but found I missed the important ques for the bathroom visits. (not sure what is worse, sleep disorders or missed bathroom visits):laughing:
I’ve often wondered if maybe I go to sleep to early (usually around 8pm) however, I can’t seem to stay awake any later. Maybe my system is “stuck in a rut”! Maybe I could try to go to bed later.
I’ve read that adults only require 6-8 hrs sleep each night, so maybe I just don’t need more sleep? I’m not sure, it could be symptoms of my condition, but I do feel sluggish during the daytime.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have periods when I fall asleep around 6PM. Impossible to stay awake. It feels a bit scary, not just like being tired. The brain just shuts down. Of course then it’s difficult to sleep at night. I now make it a point to have somebody wake me up after 30-60 minutes. That is really enough sleep for my brain to function again. That way it doesn’t affect my nightly sleep so much. The weird thing is that this could happen for weeks and then suddenly I’m back to a normal sleep rythm again. I do not take any medication, except vitamins and my heart&blood pressure tablets.

:smirk: I totally agree, it is a bit scary, and not like basic tiredness at all. Just before ‘I nod off’ my body temperature seems to drop, automatically I reach for a throw, then as soon as I feel nice and cosy :sleeping: xB