Speech therapy

i'm currently going through this. here are some helpful exercises:

- saying "guh" (10x)

- saying "eee" (10x)

- breathe thru nose (several x), and say "aaa" once

- singing

- pronounce multi-sylable words

hope these help.

Another good one that they taught me a few years ago - I had to re-learn how to talk, if anyone is at that point - you can breathe in through your nose for 5-10 seconds, then say a one-syllable word on the exhale.

I started with very shallow breaths and could exhale 1-2 seconds initially, and gradually built u from there.

My speech therapist had me doing loud "aaa's" 10 times a day on the exhale,stretching the voice (at least 15 seconds--one breath) and increasing its volume. She also encouraged reading aloud. N