This is new to me

Seems funny Marie writing to someone of the same name.Your husband's ssymptoms are the same as my own.Glad I'm not alone.

I am new, just joined today. I agree not many people understand. I tend to be a happy person and because of this some of my friends think nothing is wrong with me or I am to young to be sick. I try not to let it bother me,but sometimes I just want to scream. My ataxia is getting worse ,I use a walker and a wheelchair and even though today has been bad I am so glad I have found a place where people understand me

Dear Jacqueline, A HUGE welsome to this site! You'll find wonderful people here for support and understanding! You are not alone in you ataxia journey! I have ataxia also and am so glad I found this site a few years ago! Hugs, Rose ;o)

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Yes a big welcome,Jacqueline..Sometimes I get the feeling we're all here at THIS time to finally get things happen'n around the world..One step at a time :-)

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Hi Marie, Are you also in a wheel chair? I am so sorry to hear that you have the same symptoms. To see where he is now in just one year has been so hard on us emotionally. Guess we are pretty much in the accepting stage but still keep hoping for that miracle. He is now seeing a movement disorder doctor who is trying some new things. As I see in so many responses there are just not a lot of answers that we want to hear out there. It is nice to read the encouragement that is shared. Seems like a very caring group of people.

Marie Turner said:

Seems funny Marie writing to someone of the same name.Your husband's ssymptoms are the same as my own.Glad I'm not alone.

Patsy am one that is not diagnoses, I do understand there is no cure, though with a diagnose I would be able to get more support from the medical field, like rehab,, speech therapy ect . For me it would be I would love a diagnoses, I have been told it's depression, stress and menopause... Am not depressed, went and saw a psychiatrist he was very impressed with how i was handling all that is happening and did not believe I was depressed or need any meds for anything in that way. And Menopause really, this started before menopause was close for me,, I find if the specialist don't know they blame on these things..rather than saying they don't know, lets look into this more, let d a follow up. I was fortunate that I was able to get a OT to come to the house to help with things that i needed, and was able to get government disability with out a diagnose. weird.. so not all doom and gloom.

Patsy said:

You have to learn to ignore others and just concentrate on thinking positive. Live as healthily as you can by exercising and eating sensibly.

It's never easy to stay positive but you can always rely on support here.

I hope you get some answers from the doctors but sometimes its better not to dwell on a diagnosis.

I wish you well. Patsy x

I am in a wheelchair Marie.These symptoms are very hard to cope with but the emotinal side of it on top is the worst thing of all..I too am hoping for a miracle but more the peace that passes all understanding.