Video Tip # 1

Fabulous! Thank you! Look forward to more.

Very good. Thank you, John!

Thank you, can't wait to try it out. Looking forward to more.

I think this will help me a lot. Sometimes getting out of a chair is getting more difficult than before.

Great job Jonas. Keep them coming!

What about quick stand up,when phone is ringing,any advice? need to rush to the phone. If it is an important call, they will leave a message, and if you miss it, just call back.

Also, you can forward calls to your cell phone, which is usually on you.

Thanks Jonas, that is very helpful, I shared it on Facebook, hope you don't mind.

Thank you Jonas! I tried getting up from a chair this way, and it really helped! Post helpful video's anytime please! ;o)

Your video is so encouraging. Thanks. Looking forward to more tips.