Vigorous sneezing

I can’t recall this being discussed here ,even though it can be common, no matter what ataxia is involved.

I’ve become used to bouts of vigorous sneezes, manageable when sitting but precarious if I’m on my feet :smirk: The sneezes are so strong I can literally rock on my feet. As a rule, it can be 3 times in quick succession, tailing off with dry heaves. Experience has taught me not to put off bathroom visits, just in case…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This morning was an exception, my first ever bout before getting out of bed. Lucky for me, an hour previously I had to make a trip to the bathroom, otherwise…:hushed: Even so, I narrowly escaped disaster.

Sleeping through the night is usually something I crave, but after this mornings experience, I’ll welcome broken sleep due to bathroom urges :wink:xB

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It’s funny that you made this post. Every now and then I’ll go through a sneezing fit and sneeze 10 times in a row. I’m not allergic to anything but I wonder if Ataxia lowers our “allergic” defenses and opens us up to allergies? :open_mouth:

:slightly_smiling_face: You could be onto something. I’ve never thought to ask my Neurologist about sneezing, probably because it pales into insignificance when you consider our symptoms. But, I have come across other people who also experience vigorous bouts of sneezing. My husband would claim dust is to blame :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink: xB

AH! I’m not gone crazy then. Not so long ago, I use to sneeze once, for the same reason as anybody, cold, strong perfume, dust, etc., but once and that was it. Now, and it has been a few months now, I noticed that if I have to sneeze, for any reason (same as before: cold, perfume, dust, etc.), it’s a series of 3 or 4 sneezes followed by a pause, then one last one which I can still feel tickling the back of my nose. Sneezing is ok but those are quite violent and I always feel on the edge of something happening (twisting a muscle in my back). And the sight of me must be something: usually legs crossed :grimacing: (same reason mentioned before), one hand holding on a wall or table and the other trying to cover my mouth or head in sleeve if hand is busy. :flushed:

I can relate to not putting off bathroom urges-even minute results in disaster! I have sneezing attacks too but I never associated it with ataxia. Just embarrassment.

A few times I have noticed that sneezing is very much more noticable in patients with Neurological condition.
bright light or sunshine can trigger sneezing.

this should be conveyed to your medical advisor, incase of any under lhyning cause

I tend to think that my particular bouts of vigorous sneezing are linked to symptoms that also seemed to worsen in a cycle, seemingly Episodic :thinking: But, since Episodic Ataxia has now been discounted… These sneezes are nothing like those provoked by sunlight, dust etc…maybe more like a ‘spasm’ :thinking: xB

Very interesting thread. I can relate to this. Except that my dad did this too and he didn’t have ataxia. I can relate to the bathroom topic as well. I presume our weakness there is because of our wide gait which stretches and weakens the pelvic muscles ???

Excessive sneezing is not only limited to Ataxia. It is a problem nevertheless.