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hi everyone,im on employment and support allowance and in the support group.i was transferred over from income support about 7months ago.this morning both me and my wife received 2letters telling us that my wife needs to attend a work focussed interview at the local jobcentre.but the problem is that my wife is my full time carer,so how can my wife be expected to work when she looks after me full the letter it says that if we think that my wife or partner as they call her,dosnt need to attend the interview then please call them.i cant believe that they think my wife needs to work,when they have on my forms,that ive told them that she needs to look after me. my wife is also nearly 5months pregnant....has anyone got any ideas as to what either me or my wife needs to say when we call them....or should we both go this interview,and hopefully I can have an episodic attack.mayb that will convince them that I need my wifes care....thanks.....firefox

First, don't take it personally. The letters are probably automatically generated. Until you phone or come to the interview I doubt anyone will actually have looked at your wife's file.

Second, be prepared to prove your case. Your wife should phone and say she doesn't think she should need to attend the interview, and why, and ask what paperwork she will need to send in to support that. I imagine she will need to provide letters from your respective doctors describing your condition and symptoms and explaining you need full time care and why, and confirming she is 5 months pregnant.

Otherwise, "the State" could take the view that if your wife were working, then depending on her qualifications she could afford to pay a full time carer and have money left over to reduce the amount of financial support they need to provide to your family. You may prefer to be looked after by your wife rather than a stranger, but they don't care about that. They are bureaucrats. They want a paper trail.

Hi Firefox. Lute is probably right about the letters. From what I learned over the years. Employers really do not like to hire pregnant women. I can say that because I was pregnant three times. There is to much that could happen. Plus they would think of her as undependable. And they do not like that. Or let her apply. Just have the interview go bad. LOL. Plus being pregnant. She wont get the job. Ive learned that the truth is the best. Call them and tell them what is going on. Or make an appointment with them, so they can see what is going on. Good luck! Lori

Dear Firefox, For what it's worth, I agree with Lute and Lori! My best to you..., ;o)

Just done a very quick google search,

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