24 ,ataxia newbie

Thanks Miles, I wish I knew that sooner, it wouldve saved me a lot of trouble. Now I do know.

smiler said:

hi Brittany
My name is Miles, I'm 48 and have had Ataxia for 15 or so years, Ataxia does not just affect balance and coordination it also can affect eyesight, speach, bladder and your throat also, as well as making you very tired when doing the simplest of tasks,
Have you joined ATAXIA UK?
Feel free to ask me anything further.

Its me again Miles, you need your doctor to refer you to a neurologist, preferably an ataxia centre if there is one near you(ataxia uk will help you with this www.ataxia.org.uk)

Miles, I have the feeling you think that Brittie lives in the UK, but according to her profile, which you can access by clicking on the butterfly near her post, she lives in New York State (USA).
This website is not always easy to navigate… :slight_smile:

Take care -Cicina