Chemotherapy/radiotherapy and SCA

It’s been a while since there were any posts relating to this, I can’t
find much information at all.

Recently I found a breast lump, had a lumpectomy and was told
afterwards that it was a grade3 cancer. Despite complete removal
and no spread to lymph nodes, I’m about to start 6mths chemotherapy
followed by radiotherapy.

My SCA is considered Idiopathic, no specific cause for the cerebellar

Can anyone tell me how treatment for cancer has affected their ataxia? xB

Pob Lwc / Good Luck

Raredisease Warrior. (Wales)

Ive had cancer of the neck and got operated in 2005. I had chemo and radiology and have no more problems with neck. I get some skin cancers but that's minor. I developed ataxia after a few years but don't know what caused it. When I had radiology I think they may have radiated my thyroid as I am freezing all the time and seems like I am at war with my wife who has hot flashes, nobody wins. I recently found a breast lump and had it removed and biopsied but it was clear of any problems. Good luck on the fight against this cancer. Jerry (I am a male 80 yrs)

Hello Beryl. I am so sorry to hear about your cancer!
I fortunately have no experience with cancer, but I found this article which talks about ataxia caused by chemo. I know you are looking for the effects of chemo on ataxia, but since they give the names of certain chemo drugs which could cause ataxia, your doctors might be able to avoid these drugs. You have to scroll down to the paragraph which talks about ataxia.

I wish you the very best. I will be thinking about you. Take care.

Best wishes, Beryl.

Hi Beryl - I don't have the information, but I just wanted to say sorry for your extra struggle. Quite a few of my family members and friends have gone through Chemo - kick butt!

cecina, reading your article it shows cisplatin as a chemotherapy I got but it is hard to know how we got ill because I also have had concussion and fracture of the skull which could be the culprit too. Plus working with pesticides and cleaning chemicals like carbon tetrachloride. which used to be used in fire extinguishers and as a cleaning solvent. One company showed me the right way to use carbon tet by dabbing it on your arm to make sure you don't have too much on your cloth.

Thanks to all who replied :slight_smile:
Cicina, I found useful advice on the site you recommended :slight_smile:
I am the first person with SCA to be treated by the Breast Cancer Oncologist,
he’s been at our Regional Cancer Centre for 15 yrs.
He conferred with my Neurologist and agreed certain drugs would be avoided
because of their known adverse effect on Neurological conditions. xB

On hiliday Beryl but sending hugs and kisses

:slight_smile: xxB

Oh Beryl, keep strong, you’ve supported so many of us, just know that we are all here for you xxxxx