I guess that I am looking for anecdotal evidence here.
I have SCA7 as did my father his father and my daughter.
my grandfather lived to 92.
my father until 83.
I am 58.
my daughter was 30 when she passed away.
Now no physician will give you a direct correlation so that you can guesstimate how long you have left but based on the evidence of life spans and life events has anyone any examples of how it has worked out for their families?
This not some morbid curiosity but an attempt to fix myself in my lifespan so that I can plan with more accuracy.
Currently I use a walking stick.
My father began using one at 75.
My daughter lost her ability to walk at about 22.
Based on those 2 minor examples and the mortality ages I am looking at around a 25 is year gap over my father and 35 over my daughter so that brings me to around 66 ish.
BTW I do try to live life to the full.