Artistic Limitations

My symptoms seen to extend beyond the physical but it’s possible that one feeds off the other. I used to paint, draw, sew but can no longer do the same as my motor skills have taken the worst hit. I can’t draw any inspiration either and give up before anything gets created.
If you are artistic in any way - painting, dance, singing, etc., what if anything has helped you overcome the limitations that Ataxia brings on? Has your creativity or artistic vision suffered at all? For me it is getting to the point where I have to cover my left eye (the one that has a mind of its own) sometimes just to sign my checks.

Hi Artistic:-)

You’ve hit a cord with me, in saying your artistic skills are greatly affected, and also having to cover the left eye! (to cut out double vision)

I’d enjoyed various craft activities before reduced fine motor skills and eye problems took their toll.

Eye problems have plagued me for years, they certainly don’t help with balance. In my case, it’s double vision that causes most of my disorientation. I have glasses with prisms which are great for driving and watching TV (sitting activities) but they just compromise balance when I’m on the move. Nystagmus (bouncing or flickering vision) is an added frustration.

I’ve stopped sewing altogether. Being pernickerty made me more frustrated when stitches weren’t as perfect as I would have liked. What I’ve found most frustrating for me, is that it wasn’t actually until I’d started enjoying various crafts, that ataxia really took hold and one by one they were abandoned.

So, as one door closes etc. I’ve had to think of a way to replace these relaxing pastimes.

I’m able to crochet, it needs concentration and helps me focus. Although I was never one for mind games, I can manage Suduko:-) Nothing too taxing though! :-)xB

Hello there

Definitely try things. I use a walker to get about the house and wheelchair when out and my vision is not good, closing one eye really helps sometimes. Back in 1995 I was tested and found out I had SCA1 coming (I was in my 30s). My kids were growing up and did not need me so much and I wondered if I had any regrets. I thought I had not done enough art so I went back to college and did an art foundation course to discover what I enjoyed doing. I then did an Art and Design degree and specialised in ceramics. We were lucky and had a medical insurance pay out and I used the money to get a kiln. I have LOTS of adaptations in my workshop and I obviously cannot throw etc.. but I have found ways to work with clay and now I give a donation from any sales to Ataxia UK. So please give it a go and see what you can do. It so good for mind and spirit.
I can barely walk but every week my long suffering husband and I go ballroom dancing. We are not very good but again it is great for morale.
Sorry so long!
Hope this helps : )

I’ve found that there are some iPad drawing apps that feel a little artistic :slight_smile: I’m sure they make programs in non- iOS versions too. It’s easier for me to just swipe on colors, " undo" easily, tap for a background etc. I need much less fine motor control than with a real pen and paper.

Games can also be good. I play the iOS version of sims - so I can design houses, place furniture, pick wallpaper and rugs, build gardens, etc. that’s pretty satisfying.

Another game I just discovered is called ‘blendoku’ , it’s ordering colors , it’s actually pretty fun, and very challenging. And it’s just tapping.

Editing photos on-line can also be fun ( although overwhelming, for me, with all the millions of options )

So lots of online options. Which are pretty easy on a tablet - harder for me , hand control and stamina wise, on a laptop.

A couple of times I’ve made little projects with my grandkids. think kindergarten crafts. Glitter glue and scrapbook paper and photos. ive " sewn" a couple decorative items for them just using the fusible iron on tape - that was a little too ambitious though