Ataxia as side effect

I have been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease and cerabellar ataxia is my main side effect. Does this sound like any of you? If so, what are your main symptoms?

I was diagnosed 10 years ago with Sporadic (idiopathic) Cerebellar Ataxia (unknown cause). I haven't been diagnosed with anything else resulting in ataxia as a side effect. My best to you in finding answers to you question...,;o)

My daughter had a muscle biopsy cared out to test for mitochondrial disease as she has CA of unknown cause however it came back negative. I notice from your photo she has a very similar standing position to you Sandy.

Her symptoms include very poor co-ordination which result in difficulty with mobility, tension tremor, pain in hands and difficulty in writing, difficulty in co-ordinating hand to feed self, slurred speech & fatigue. These symptoms all worsen with fever.

I'm sure on this site you'll find many suggestions on how to deal with symptoms.

Good Luck,


yes, mine was a result of Histiocytosis x (LCH), I'm in remmision from the Histiocytosis, ceribular ataxia and diabeties insipudus is what I have to deal with now