Ataxia Neuro. Dr. in Ontario

Hi all, I hope someone can help me.

Does anyone know of a Nurologist. Doctor specializing in Ataxia in Ontario,Canada

I live in London, Ont.

Thank You, Lassie Elena

HI there

Doctor Lang in Toronto

Dr. Mary E. Jenkins

Ontario Canada

Speciality: Movement disorders

London Health Sciences Centre
University Hospital
339 Windermere Road
London Ontario Canada
N6A 5A5

519 - 663 - 3404

This may be a bit late, but just found this post. I also use the Movement Disorder Clinic at Toronto Western Hospital. Anthony Lang, Elizabeth Slow, and many others practice there. It takes about two years to get in unfortunately, you must be referred by your family practitioner or another doctor, but worth the wait!
I’ve found them to have very good “bedside manners” and that seems to be important these days. May other neurologists don’t seem to acknowledge them, (and I’ve had many). They know all types of conditions and know them well.

Dave - MSA

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:slightly_smiling_face: A ‘good bedside manner’ can make all the difference at an appointment. It makes communication so much easier. We all know how easy it is to clam up when faced with an ‘imperious’ Neurologist :smirk: xB

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