Balance exercises

My physio therapist says that if you cannot balance very well, even 3 or 4 seconds is better than 1 or 2. She advocates standing in a V shape. By this she means stand where it’s safe, facing a corner (this is the V) where you can either grab something with each hand or fall safely against a wall. You need to check your back too with a safe chair that won’t fall with you.

Then the exercises.

  1. Stand on one leg. One or two seconds? Great. Next week, it might be 3 or 4. Occasionally, I can now do 5 or 6
  2. Just stand with feet together. You’ll sway perhaps, and can only do it for 15 seconds You will improve (hopefully). I can now do 40 seconds
  3. Cross your feet. How long can you stand?

Much appreciate your post. I see that your balance is improving. My question: is it helping you in the real world when you go outside?

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There is something in your reply that I don’t understand. You say that I talk about balance problems as being psychological. Do you mean physical? Because balance problems are just that. They are not in the head BUT actual. My balance has gotten worse since my Sciatica. I was hoping that it was just a part of my Sciatica but unfortunately no. I am most affected when I get up from a chair or bed. But it seems to improve slightly (being the operative word) after about 10 steps give or take. Not normal though at all!

You’re correct in that I say that Ataxia can have psychological problems as well as physical but that has nothing to do with balance and such. I say psychological when I’m referring to those folks who might start dwelling on their physical predicament instead of coping with life the best they can. I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong idea. It was not my intention. :blush:

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@chas521 I’m going by what others have said too. If you have time, read the various comments in this thread:
Outside or inside?
Many people say similar to what I said - though you said different on that occasion There is a comment from phall there.

“I asked my Neurologist why and she said that I know exactly where to touch in my home and yard regaining balance and outside my home I am lost. If I can get to a shopping cart, I am graceful and safe. Let go of the handle and I fall! Take risks but be careful, another balancing act.”

That comment in particular was very convincing. I noted too that his story is very similar to mine. I often look at people’s stories - where they live, why they have ataxia etc. I see that you have an SCA but which number is it? :grinning: