Car sick

Just curious I just started getting car sick even with the shortest drive. Does ataxia cause you to get car sick?,I really wish I could find a neurologist to answer some questions.

Hi Tessa - I’m perusing this catalogue thay my mom receives, and there’s something called “QueaseEase”. I’ve never tried it, but it’s supposedly used at the Mayo Clinic, which gives it some street-cred.

I’ve also seen Ginger Chews - haven’t tried again, but might be another option for you.

Hi Tessa I don’t typically get car sickness but I get motion sickness depending on what I am looking at. I take Dramamine daily as a preventative measure. I believe it is all related to my double vision and nystagmus. Take care.

Not to my knowledge but maybe different types are affected in this way.

Anxiety is frequently a problem though which could be similar cause of your symptoms.

I hope you find pills helpful - you can get non drowsy ones these days.

Take care, Patsy

I don't get car sick with my Ataxia but I did have it badly when I was expecting my daughter.What a miserable feeling for you.

I ate lots of ginger biscuits and sweets especiallly fruit gums.I ate what I fancied but I knew it was a matter of time not like having Ataxia which gets worse and worse sometimes.

Uh oh I just started getting it this last month…I was starting to wonder but my thyroid is so bad I didn’t think it would happen… I better check on that I was thinking it had something to do with balance

My ataxia has not caused me to be car sick, although even before I was diagnosed (10 year ago), I could never read as a passenger and do better sitting in the front seat, rather than the back. Everyone is different though, as ataxia symptoms can be more severe or less severe, depending on the type one has, etc. Why can you not see a neurologist? ;o)

I can’t find one that understands ataxia and how it affects my life…every neuro I have seen thinks it is all in my head and it’s really not that bad…I had one accuse me of being a alcoholic that it was the reason I am the way I am… They have a really great clinic here but to become a patient you have to be approved by a med board and well the neurologists I have seen have not written the complete facts of everything I experience so I have been turned down…my family dr believes me but he really wants me to see a specialist, I live in a smaller suburb of Seattle and only has a few neurologist he knows of so I’m starting to research on my own just hard without help or referrals…

Have you contacted the neurology department of major hospitals in Seattle, and asked if they have an ataxia or balance clinic, and/or any neurologist that sees ataxia patients? It may be a stretch, but you could write a letter to the clinic you spoke about in your previous message, explaining your symptoms, etc., in hopes of getting an appointment. I guess I would try all avenues to see someone, as you deserve to be taken seriously, and receive the best care possible! My best to you....;o)

Hi Again Tessa, FYI the "National Ataxia Foundation" (NAF) shows the University of Washington in Seattle has a neurology clinic. Google them to get a phone number, if you desire. My best to you..., ;o)

university of Washington is the one that turned me down......I have researched...a lot think I'm going to try Swedish in Seattle or look into Virginia Mason.....on my report my Neuro sent to uw it was not accurate and I did try to explain the differences and had no luck...I don't drink a lot of Alcohol I had chemotherapy for breast cancer it caused severe damage to the cerebellum but my neuro wrote on my report alcohol caused my problem... Also said I don't experience pain or had any mental differences oh and I don't slur my speech which all of those I do....also he said it wouldn't get worse but it has

That's amazing the neuro said your ataxia was caused by alcohol, when really it was caused by chemo! I wonder what recourse you have, as he was untruthful! I'm so sorry that happened to you! Something good will come up, as you're determined! I see a neuro at the University of Michigan Hospital (a new one recently, as my original one retired) , but didn't have to jump through hoops to see him! Best wishes..., ;o)

I do not get car sick now, but sitting in the car for 3 hours makes my bodily movements very sluggish and the same applies to on a wheel chair or at home on a sofa.

Hi Tessa, so sorry for what you are going through. I had a lot of problems with my medical records too. Apparently this is a common problem in the medical industry. When I approached my neurologist about how the incorrect records were effecting my ability to get and receive care, he told me that mistakes are common because most doctors just read the cover sheet of the last doctor who saw you and or any test results. He said sadly this means once misdiagnosed always misdiagnosed for some patients as many doctors just go with the previous doctor's diagnosis. Fight for what you know to be true!!! He wrote me an updated cover sheet and a letter to take to any doctor, or school, or employer, that synopsized my condition. I haven't had the energy to go back and request corrections to my medical reports so the history isn't as exacting as maybe I would've wanted it but as my doctor pointed out, in another few years your old history won't be in the file, it will be all new correct history and that is all that will matter. One other thing I would suggest is getting Vestibular Testing at a recognized specialist. I did this, and that report along with other rehabilitative specialists reports (neuro-optometrist,neuropsychologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist) really helped get my new doctors up to speed. Good Luck to you! P.S. the one thing I would take some time to correct would be the "alcohol cause". That will effect your care. Again, good luck and godspeed! ;) P.P.S. I get really dizzy and sick from car rides, it's just a lot for my balance system.

I was told the same and I am teetotal.Basically the neurologists don't know and are clutching at straws.I don't slur my speech but I cannot analyse why I have such difficulties with talking.Don't take what is said too seriously .They do not know with some and we are all different.I was told I had MSA but have been for the tests twice now.Barking up the wrong tree methinks.

Its probably caused by a mixture of things.Some neuros just read the text books and try and give us a label.

All we want to know is if we can do anything.

After reading posts here for a while now, I realize how fortunate and lucky I was choosing a neurologist. I was treated well and diagnosed in reasonable amount of time. I see you live in WA. The doctor I recommend is in Olympia. Jon C. Kooiker Pronounced " Quaker" He is near retirement and has seen it all. 360 413 8550. I have a good feeling he will be able to help you.