Cerebellar ataxia caused by the medication [dilantin]

does any ataxia members here have ataxia caused by dilantin?
id be interested to know how your making out with your condition since i have it too.

Hi Bobby, I have Cerebellar Ataxia from Dilantin-we’ve spoken. My balance has gotten worse though its nothing compared with what it will probably be like in 10 years. I see my neurologist later this month. How are you? Is what we have always degenerative?

yes it is. my symptoms are starting to get a little worse but it might be due to the medication witch i i dont think its got anything to due with my symptoms cause its the symptoms i started out with ataxia 2 years ago have gotten worse but the dr. says its too early for that too happen.shes going to decrease the medication on 1 and increase the other.if you have problems walking if you want try a head band [nikken] brand name ] its magnet therapy. im a true believer in them . ive been using them for over 30 years. its improved my walking 90% bobby

thanks Bobby Ill check out the magnets. What medication are you taking if you don’t mind me asking. I found Riluzole to help my balance somewhat.
I hope your doctor helps you! You’ve been so helpful to me!

im taking trokendi xr & vimpat