Cure vs adapting, to live with it not fight it

If we realize a cure is not in site in our lifetime for Ataxia and chose to adapt and live with it. Is that a negative attitude?

I don't think it is - I think it is accepting reality. And I don't give up on researchers finding a cure or a treatment - I just don't plan things around one being found! If it comes along, it'll be a nice surprise!

NO I don't think so. In accepting my limitations doesn't mean I don't still crave a bit more for myself every day to acheive even little things just a bit better than I did yesterday thought. See I think since my ataxia came on late in life I feel that my life was so much easier and I didn't really think on how I did things then. Now that I do have to really focus hard to do something that was natural before now I realze it's just a new chapter that I get to challenge myself daily just to see if I can do it (test myself).

Tecnology is comming along great and I know there will be a cure for ataxia someday. I don't think I'll ever see it but I hope my Grandkids will. That's why I try to do what ever is possible to help find one in my own way (because not everyone can do something big to help but I contribute even small ways).

In my case, I am confident that my ataxia will never be cured. However, like the other ladies, I do not feel this is negative. If one were to just throw up their hands and give up helping his or herself, I would think that is negative attitude, However, if a diabetic woman is following her diet, exercising, quit smoking, but still gives herself a shot of insulin, I do not see that as negative. I have this problem now, and like any other problem or disease, accepting it is imperative. After it accepted, the you are faced with the choice whether or not to act. That choice is what determines negativity in my mind.