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Can you give a recap, Beryl? What's new and interesting?

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A new study reveals the likely cause of unexplained late-onset Ataxia is a mutation in the gene SP47, known to cause hereditary spastic paraplegia.

The University of Oxford announces Friedreichs Ataxia drug discovery project.

Researchers in Newcastle upon Tyne are urgently seeking people diagnosed with Friedreichs Ataxia within the last 8yrs, to take part in a research study.

Collaboration between Pzizer, AtaxiaUK and three Academic Institutions to find new drug therapy for Friedreichs Ataxia.

Horizon Pharma PLC begins Phase3 trial of Actimmune for Friedreichs Ataxia.

And moreā€¦

I have just been tested positive for SPG7 /HSP

FA has been tested with a negative result

It is unsure if this as well as idiopathic Ataxia or an additional condition

As far as I know the test was carried out in the lab in Newcastle

Thanks for the information, Beryl! ;o)

I see many of these companies looking for patients to test their drugs

But for many of us its a geographical distance makes it difficult or impossible to take part in these studies. In these modern times where we live in Global economy , can this issue be address or resolved !!

Sunny, this will probably interest you:-)

The National Ataxia Foundation are looking for participants, trials are being conducted into various Ataxias including several into Friedreichs Ataxia.

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