Degeneration is great fear

I know that it is not for us. However depression is better when I take it

I am glad that it works for your depression.

I suffered from depression 20+ years ago—triggered by a major move—and my new (and fortunately, still) doctor started me on Prozac, which really helped. Unfortunately, every time it made sense to wean off of it, some really difficult life/health challenge would come along so I stayed on a small dose. A couple of years ago—before a major holiday, and now suffering from SCA2–I got really nervous about traveling. She increased my dose and I got through it —and had a wonderful time in spite of things!! Next time I tried to lower the dose, I got really anxious fairly quickly (and the ataxia had gotten worse) so now I don’t care if I ever come off. I don’t think she does, either. I’ve never felt drugged or spacey from it. And I looked at the ataxia drug list and saw that it can actually help a few issues…like swallowing… which means things could be worse without it! My point is, you have to do what works for you, but perhaps there is a safer antidepressant. I didn’t realize that there were any drugs that could help some of the symptoms so I have no idea what negative symptoms CONCERTA may cause.

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