Developing MSA from CA?

On my last visit to the neurologists, it was suggested that I developed MSA. They aren’t sure so theysent me to a new dr. They said this because my CA symptoms seem to have advanced relatively rapidly. What is this–a whole new thing or CA+ It has left me very confused. What is MSA supposed to do? Doesn’t regular CA also advance?

Hello My Husband was diagnosed with SCA 3 years ago. He was maintaining with Physiotherapy and speech therapy. He recently passed away after two months or rapid progression of health issues. I asked doctors about MSA and they all thought I was crazy. All but one had ever heard of SCA. Some at least googled SCA. MSA is multisymptom Atrophy which is usually diagnosed after being diagnosed with either Parkinsons or SCA. The condition involves other systems in the body such as breathing, elimination of waste, temperature control. My husband went from walking about the farm feeding animals with only the use of a rollator for balance(he also had slurred speech and had to be careful not to choke) to losing control of respiratory system and body temperature and kidneys and bladder not behaving correct. Scans of all his organs showed nothing ie no tumors or fatty growth or atrophy of organs. Inside he appeared to be healthy yet all of his system were functioning well below normal. He was put on oxygen, his heart rhythms were erratic. The blood thinners they gave him created a blood disease and he became a severe anemic. His vision was blurred and his focus slow… AFter 20 days inpatient mostly in ccu he went to 20 days or rehab. he could walk with his walker for 50 feet when he came home. 2 days later he was rushed back to the hospital for an infection that went septic. One week later he came home he could now only stand with my assistance to move from bed to wheel chair. He had to be fed. He speech was almost nothing. He continued with physical therapy and got to where he could walk 10 feet with his walker. Then he didn’t wake up. I hate these diseases… and I hate the doctors dont know and most dont even care to know.

I think that if you go into a hospital for anything with SCA they should give you physiotherapay daily until you leave so you dont loose the balance and coordination that you have. I dont know but I also think you are a greater risk for developing complications from anethesia. Your surgeon should get clearance from your neurologist. Good luck and try try try to stay healthy and active as you can.

Msa c is multiple system atrophy. Which means that you may have other issues apart from walking. I have msa c n earlier it was stated that I have called. With my passing motion where I must take medication n recently bladder issues. The neurologist say that what I have boost of the 2 symptom. It is msa bcos of the symptoms. My ca was only walking. In mid 2013 I use a walking stick. Then in 2014 a quad stick. In 2015 a frame. In 2016 3 months ago. My frame is now fitted with wheels in front. Earlier on I walked lifting frame up but can fall with frame. Now I have to bend ability forward whilst walking with frame with wheels but walk slower. Hope it helps. Brgds Jacob

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Similar story here. I too was diagnosed differently in the beginning. First doctors suspected I had Friedreich’s Ataxia, then they came up with a form of SCA unknown. Then MSA after much testing and many visits. It was explained to me that some forms of ataxia can develop into MSA. Many folks are first diagnosed with SCAs.
Although, experts are unclear. Neurologists also explained that MSA is very difficult to diagnose due to the similarities shared with other types of neurological conditions like it with little to no visual indications presenting on MRIs. Quite often it may not be a confirmed diagnosis pre mortem.
My aunt (related via marriage) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, later to find out she had MSA. She possessed all the symptoms of Parkinson’s but failed to respond to Parkinson’s medication, as do most.
MSA is easily mis-diagnosed due in part because there are two types of the condition; MSAc and MSAp. Simply put MSAc (multi system atrophy cerebellum) carries more symptoms related to cerebellum ataxia. In contrast, MSAp (multi system atrophy parkinsonism), carries more of the Parkinson like symptoms. Alternatively, symptoms complicate a diagnosis even more by sometimes overlapping from MSAc and MSAp.
This is how it was explained to me. Here is my go-to for MSA info.
MSA_-_What_You_Need_to_Know_v2 (1).pdf (1.2 MB)

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